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Welcome to Lehman Metal!

Hi!  My name is Keri Lehman.  My husband, Gene, has been a welder for over 30 years.  In late 2011 we bought a plasma cutter to do some work around the farm.   I asked Gene to cut out deer designs for our yard.... and that's where our latest journey began.

People saw his work and loved it.  He was drawing out shapes then cutting them out - all by hand.  As he did more and more people asked him to create different items, but it's very hard to do the small stuff when you're doing it all by hand.  That's where the CNC machine came in.  In the summer of 2012 we purchased a CNC machine.  As we struggled to figure it all out, it all started to come together. 

This site is a collection of the items Gene has made.  He has thousands of templates to select different pictures, and we are still learning how to modify these to make customized creations. 

If you see a design he has made in one form and would like that in another form, that is VERY easy to do.  Example, if you see something he has as a key holder, but would like it as a coat/hat rack, no problem!

Prices vary depending on size. 

While this page is being setup, please visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lehmanmetals or our google website:  https://sites.google.com/site/lehmanmetal/

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